The First Steps to Starting a Daycare.

Hi, Let me introduce myself to you. I am Monika McRobert and I am a mom, a teacher, and a musician. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business of some sort and since kindergarten, yes you read correctly…..kindergarten! I have wanted to work with kids. I am an associate with Amazon as well! So I will be giving my reviews and opinions on different toys and supplies that you may need for a daycare.

I am AJ. Husband, father and business owner. For all you dads out there I am with you. I will be updating you on my perspective in this endeavor. I will say first off to all husbands out there, you will need to support your wife/ girlfriend because this is a team effort!

This is a blog that will take you on a journey with my husband and me in starting a daycare. We hope to be raw and share the good and the bad that comes with starting a daycare and hopefully after, running a daycare. We are writing this blog to allow others who also have dreams of owning their own business, to take the risks and get started. We will be talking about the steps, paper work, and people that need to be contacted to help make this process as smooth as possible.

Besides just writing about the steps to opening a daycare we are also hoping to write different reviews of products pertaining to children and childcare, as well as products for parents. Especially moms!! Dads, don’t worry we got you too!!

I hope you will stay with us in this journey!


My Husband and I on our wedding.

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