Fun Project for Kids: Fake Pizza

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Making fake pizza is one of my favorite projects to do with my class. Kids absolutely love it and it is super fun to do. It fuels a kid´s creativity and allows them to have some control in the creative process. The best part is, it is soooooo easy! 

Objectives:  Making a paper plate pizza while learning shapes, how to follow directions; understanding first, second, last, ect. and listening to directions.  

Done by an adorable two-year-old

This ¨pizza¨ project helps kids learn order of operation in a very simple way. If the children are older and can read and write, have the kids create a quick and easy menu. Use cards that they can write their orders on. The kids can be divided into two groups: the chefs and the costumers or make it a table activity. Do what is best for the kids with whom you are working with.  

With that said, choose the way that you want to present this project to the children and have fun with it.  

These instructions are altered to create the pizzas with two-year-olds. It can also be altered to work with an individual child. 

First, have a mini lesson about becoming chefs, and making pizza that day. Find a way to grab their attention. For example, say “Hey kids, let´s be chefs, and open a pizza parlor!” Or “Hey who wants to make pizza?¨ Then, hand out paper plates from which they will be making their pizza. Next the kids need to make their own sauce. 

To make sauce: Mix roughly 2 parts red paint, mix it with 1 part glue and vuala! You have sauce. One must use the Elmer’s Glue and Colorations Simply Washable Tempura.

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 They should then take their spoons and scoop a spoonful of “sauce” and blob it onto the plate. Then the children will, hopefully, ladle it around the plate like real sauce. Use your best judgement on how the kids will add the sauce, whether it be them or you scooping a blob onto their paper plate. Have the kids swirl the paint around the plate to cover most of the plate and head onto the next step. 

Next come some toppings!! Toppings can be anything from construction paper cheese to Playdough mushrooms that you can cut up. It is important that there at least three toppings that are all put into different containers to allow the children to see exactly what they are choosing. Make it fun and ask the kids what toppigs they like on pizza, or what their favorite vegetables are! Then they can choose what to add onto their personalized pizzas from these toppings. This is important for their development because it allows some control over what they are doing. This is similar to children eating, when they control how much and what they eat, they will feel in control of their bodies and minds.   

Sometimes they need a little help

After they put on all the toppings tell the children that the pizza needs to bake in the oven.  

Hopefully you have a drying rack. And if you do, today it becomes your oven. If there is no drying rack, create an oven out of a cardboard box and add makeshift racks in it and you have an oven.  

Tell the children that while they play, the pizza will be baking, and after it “bakes” they will put it on the wall in their home living area where you will create a pizza parlor! Use your imagination… or Pintrest.     

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